Auto moto group makes videos, TV programs "Auto moto", Le`ts fly". The fields of activities: sports and recreation education; sports activity; organisational activities of films, video films and television programmes; the activity of child day-care; organisational activity of entertainment and recreation; creative, arts and entertainment organisational activities; art works. 

Auto moto group has Karate kyokushin club "Kamuido". Company is Non - governmental and Non - profit company,  a member of EuroChild working with various social groups of youth including those who have various dissabilities, fighting against social exclusion to allow all the children to enjoy equal access to available opportunities and resources.

Company organizes children and youth camp "Let`s get to know each other".  Main idea is to strengthen social relationships among different social groups of youth in order to contribute to the reduction of crime and other violations of law, bullying, suicide prevention. 

Building social skills that will resist against a variety of alcohol and tobacco consumption, reducing the prevalence of harmful habits. To create a feeling of community and strengthen social relationships among different social groups, encouraging youth with various dissabilities integration into society. We offer youth physical and human well - being activities and programmes to develop citizenship and tolerance.